Rescue Journal

a perfect storm

Carol  ·  Apr. 17, 2016

yesterday shelley told me i was a "perfect storm"..and saints was the result.

i liked finally have been perfect at something...even if it was only a bunch of random and unpredictable rescue weather events!

i want that on my headstone....oh wait..i am going to be cremated.
too bad. storming days are i just want to bask in the sun, drinking ice caps.

so far my pepper proofing of my bed is working..nary a pillow has been gutted since yesterday afternoon.

if this continues, pepper can return to her own perfect status which will be good.

miley keeps getting her cone off..she should stop doing that.

this morning was the very first morning in weeks that daisy did not poop in the kitchen and walk thru it a million and one times.
however it wasn't a real break for me because someone else had diarrhea in very many places that needed cleaning up.

perfect poop storms aren't much fun.

today i absolutely have to get to my laundry or i will be screwed for work this week. hopefully i can get started once the saints laundry is done...hope is floating for clean work clothes me.

i wonder if this perfect storm can make a come back and tackle the lawn mowing today?
hmmmm..given the continued pain in my ankle and the fact that i still can't breathe..
probably not.

perfect storming may have permanently abandoned me.
that kind of sucks.

i guess i will get dressed and go get an ice cap.