Rescue Journal

gotta pee..and fence fight

Carol  ·  May 8, 2016

i have to say i am quite appreciative of the animals all being decent and not having crises or creating chaos last night when i was tired and sore.
i am also very thankful to all the staff and volunteers who work so hard to help make saints run as smoothly as possible.
and i am eternally grateful to our supporters who literally are the ones that ensures saints exists.


this does not mean that certain pitbulls do not piss me off in the mornings when she really has to pee and i don't want to let her out because the first thing she will do is start a fence fight on her way out the door. yes..i could put the other dogs in but they just got out to pee too. plus putting them in is an effort that takes time and patience neither of which i have a lot of before my morning cup of tea.
so my answer to said problem is to stand at the fence with a spray bottle which discourages everyone from going nutz at 6 am.


apparently said pitbull has been pondering this problem of spray bottle and me as she rushes out the door to fence fight before she pees.
so this morning little pitty fatty ass ran past me in high speed down to the gate, took a high flying leap over the xpen protecting the grass and made it to the far side of the fence predictably beyond the spray bottle reach.

she miscalculated...the spray bottle did reach.
one accurate spray and she changed direction on a dime and squatted to pee. the bedroom guys flew back into the bedroom to avoid their perception of the deadly water canon and another fence fight was prevented from happening. pisses me off that a certain stubborn pitbull has been plotting ways to get around me. i told her on the way back in..try to out smart me again and you will be holding your bladder for even longer each morning.

here is the simple morning rule..get out, go pee, get back in minus the drama.

i appreciate the simple fairness of this plan and hope allie fatty pants can too.

i have to say tho..i was quite impressed with her flawless fence was executed perfectly...a fat flying pitbull is artistically a study in beauty.

i bet she would do well in long as she can make up the rules.