Rescue Journal

so lets talk about the shitty side of rescue...

Carol  ·  May 16, 2016

walk a mile in someones shoes....

i could easily write an airy fairy bullshit blog where the animals are always perfect and i am always perfect and life is always perfect...

but gag me with a giant wooden spoon.

the animals are not perfect.
i am not perfect.
and rescue sure as heck ain't all that perfect too.

i would love for all of the perfect animals and perfect people to meet and commune in a perfect or anywhere.
i think that would be great.

but the fact of the matter is, it won't ever happen because we do not live in a perfect world.


the fact that in this imperfect world, surrounded by imperfect animals and imperfect people (esp. myself) is pretty freaking amazing the amount of goodness that we manage to spread out from our imperfect rescue.

and that is the point of this blog.

it is easy to sit on ones ass and wish we could do more but can't because we are unable climb over that road block that we just aren't good enough to try to be superhuman beings or we are currently too busy to try at this moment..maybe next year.
if i am anything..i am a perfect example of a flawed imperfect human being who can and does some really good (and hard!) things, every day of the year.

shit, if i can be imperfectly human and build a place where broken and wrecked animals thrive..anyone else can do it too..if they want to.

i think the very worst thing we do as rescuers is paint the job with fairy dust. it lets everyone without fairy dust off the hook.

sure..go ahead and celebrate rescue successes but be freaking honest and share the wretchedness too.

rescue is hard. it is especially hard for imperfect humans.

we weren't made to be god's with golden staffs that we swing around and make the world shiny, golden and pure.

we are the peasants digging thru the mud, hauling the burdens and falling to our knees but still getting up because we too strive for a better world.

come walk a mile in my shoes...and then run for the hills after the first 24 hours.

me? i stick it out, running doesn't suit me. but telling it like it is suits me just fine because good, bad or ugly..this is far too important to wrap up in pretty is best shared with a good dose of reality.
that makes it real.