Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Jun. 10, 2016

chicklet is ok
kyah is home from the vets in a cone
mah is ok

mah's babies are back....some not so nice trouble with the neighbors over having sheep so not worth the risk. back to plan A..mah and the babes together...but here. mah and babes are not together yet..mah needs a bit more recovery first...soon.

shelby is in crises..rushed to the vets yesterday with a fever of unknown origin. blood work drawn, on iv's for the afternoon. i brought her home last night because there was no staff at the clinic overnight and she needed to be monitered. she did ok..still cannot walk but i was able to get her up on all 4 feet and weight bearing with a towel as a sling. if we can get the meds and some food into her, i think she has a good chance at recovery..if not then she will deteriorate. we have an appointment tomorrow...she has a bit of time for us to try our best to try to get her to stay.
this morning she is bright and perky and wants outside...hope floats her stubborness will help pull her thru.