Rescue Journal

not too bad of a day

Carol  ·  Aug. 21, 2016

the AGM went ok..not many people but enough to do legal votes. i think it is good to let folks know what is going on behind the scenes...rescue is not just about day to day care of the animals. it is quite a bit more. i think it is good to share some of the extra stuff that goes on around here.

i just sent the stray shepherd home after a few hours of him snacking it up in the shop. he really is a very nice dog but he should stay home where it is safe. i got a couple of gentle thank you for the treats face licks after he got into the truck.

i was supposed to have started my holidays but did a few hours of overtime this morning and agreed to give up mon/tues as vacation days and re-book in sept. i am kind of regretting it...9 days would have been more restful than 5 days off but work is crazy busy right now. whatever, i am sure i will appreciate a couple of extra off days in a few weeks.

doughy's (rip) foster mom came today to possibly find her new foster, looks like just maybe shy simba and squirt, newbies who came from the same home, might be a pretty good match. she is going to think having 2 cats over and come back next weekend if she decides to take them both home.

eddie is settling in really well with brenda and her crew. his new name is trooper. so happy he found a great home! he is such a super sweet dog.

it was a fairly balanced day...some work...some saints...a bit of stray dog temporary rescue. it looks like it might rain tonight which would be perfect for the parched fields and lawn.
early shift tomorrow so early to bed tonight plus little velcro elvis is winding himself up to get close to me and what elvis wants, elvis gets...he is my 4 pound boss.