Rescue Journal

rescue is a microscopic part of the rest of the world.

Carol  ·  Nov. 10, 2016

i have lived in uncertainty for so long now, it causes me stress but doesn't knock me down.
in our little rescue world things usually, eventually, work out or at least come to a conclusion that we can live with.

there are times when life is tough, when things aren't as settled as i like. and all we can do is soldier on thru it...
one foot in front of the other until we get to where ever it is that we're going.

this is one of those times in rescue between fundraisers, full to the rafters, working short handed on both staffed and volunteer days.
and still the animals require all of the care and concern we promised to them when we took them in.

and here is the thing....
rescue is a commitment. it is a others, not to ourselves. it is not a tea party or a game or a performers stage.
there are no excuses or others to blame if rescue ceases to be rescue and becomes something that rescue it is not.

rescue is not a personal income.
it is not the road to validate our own worth.
it is not a free pass to do, act or behave any freaking way that we want to.
it is not the road to halos, wings, happily ever after fairy tales with heroes or heroines winning the day.
and it is not a crap shoot or lottery ticket bought with magical/wishful thinking.

it is a well thought out, respectful, honest and transparent plan to care for vulnerable homeless animals.
it takes intelligence. it takes strength of character, common sense and effective problem solving takes patience and knowledge.
and it takes honor, not only knowing the difference between right and wrong, but making the ethical choice.

i believe that we owe not just the animals in our care but the people who support us the real deal.

we will work to our greatest ability, we will work to our greatest capacity, we will strive for our highest ideals and standards in all we do.
anything less is unacceptable.

is this not how all people could strive to live? not exclusive to rescue?

anyway... there are a couple of things that i need to take care of...i need to get this latest staff hiring saga done, and get it done right. i need to get the work schedules sorted out to meet our goal of excellent and consistent care. i need to close our doors again for a while...we have helped many new ones (and a couple of old ones) in the past few weeks and need to let them all settle in and get our routines back on track.
and above all, i need to find my hope and faith that mankind really does want to be better, that as a species, we really do care..not just for animals, but for ourselves, our children and grandchildren too.

it's hard to be hopeful when so many things in this world are such an ugly mess.
but that doesn't mean we stop in our tracks or decide to put in less effort. we just need to keep going til we find the end goal.