Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 18, 2016

it has been a busy week.
oh...who the heck am i freaking kidding? has been a busy
whatever..its been busy.

today was the day we were to decide cindy's fate...she has virtually been sick since she arrived..on and off again diabetes, allergies, a bout of pneumonia, autoimmune disease? cancer? (we really aren't sure about that lesion on her nose, we just know we don't want to cut into it for various medical reasons.)
so off to the vet today went cindy. work is too freaking busy for me to get away on my lunch break..actually i did not even get a lunch break so i arranged with one of our vets who has been following cindy to make the life or death call.
renee was with her to provide cindy support and the updates on what has transpired in the last week or so..some of it not all that she is hiding from the people who have to give her meds.
but cindy is a determined little fighter (and hider)...on exam her chest was better today, her weight is on the upswing, her sore nose has a very slight improvement.
so cindy came home. the vet decreased her meds a bit so she won't be bugged so often and we will see how she does.

it is the cindy roller coaster.

we will touch base again with the vet in a week or two and maybe have to decide between life and death again.
or maybe not...maybe dear cindy you could pull out all the stops and just keep getting better and then you won't have to take meds!!