Rescue Journal

life goes on...

Carol  ·  Dec. 19, 2016

and on...and on...

new cat was out on the street, cold and hungry..tammy was able to trap her and bring her in. she is currently set up in the mp transition pen and doing ok.

sid went off to his new foster home today...he may be 17 years old but hope was floating for him today!

the shop water pipes finally unthawed late this afternoon..which didn't really help me out all that much because i still had 4 overflowing baskets of laundry left over from today. i am half way thru and really hoping, i never have to do this again. 2 weeks of late night laundry drudgery has pretty much done me in. i love how the pipes unfreeze so laundry can once again be done in the shop at the very end of my holidays.

sammy has his vet check and viral testing...should be out of that cage in a couple of days. he will be happy about that.

gulliver was in to the vets for his chest and spinal xray..he has an old blown disc which is bugging him today and his heart is enlarged. he has some new meds which hopefully will help him feel better really soon.

i had a few tears for aggie this morning. it was some kind of delayed reaction but i think i am 0k now.
but it does feel empty without aggie and cheyenne here right now.

i got brand new, non chewed on pillows today!!! the staff got them for me for xmas..can't wait to go to bed and try them out!!!!

and please thug dogs, leave them alone!