Rescue Journal

the best of the best!

Carol  ·  Jan. 1, 2017

honestly..we are so freaking lucky..our animals have the best of the best on their team of wrecked animal caregivers!

i am telling you, it blows me away. i was sitting here early this morning thinking, fuck, it is so going to suck here today.
and then i looked out and arnie was already shoveling snow, creating pathways to get in and out of the buildings, and then the volunteers started to arrive and grab shovels and start clearing more pathways, and then anne sent her son in law with his tractor and suddenly the driveways were getting plowed out. andrea went out to the barn to help clear away gates and i started feeding and meds in the house. more volunteers arrived and every area had someone pitching in to see to the animals comfort.

it is now 1:30.... everywhere is clean, everyone has fresh food and water and a clean and dry bed. the laundry is almost done, the cars can get in and out and all is well within the saints little world.

thank you to everyone who came to our overwhelming winter wonderland filled to the brim with wonderous animal souls and thank you for making today not only beautiful, AND workable...but wonderful as well.

love you guys!

Video taken by Val today

Videos and photos taken by Wade today

Winter wonderland

Sheep train









The snow makes it interesting that's for sure!! Digging little piggy poop paths so their bellies dont get too cold haha


Glad to see there was lots of help today...I'll be there tomorrow. Love the videos.

shelagh f

The pics are lovely, I send a big shout out to all who volunteered
today and all these ugly snow days. At least it makes everything
look better than on rainy days.


Thankfully the snow was light, made shovelling alot easier. Glad I made it today. :)


It was a great day. I loved all the snow, haven't seen it like this for awhile. The animals were wonderful as usual. I would like to hope 2017 is going to be better than 2016, at least it's off to a decent start.


lol...wade is sending me some from today which has way more snow..i will add them when i get them!


I thought the happy post deserved a picture of animals and people being together in the snow - hence the addition to your post Carol. Sheila