Rescue Journal

fine lines

Carol  ·  Jan. 21, 2017

rescue is filled with fine lines and it is these fine lines that actually define the circumstances surrounding at risk animals.

animals are at risk for many things..abuse, neglect, abandonment, homelessness, illness, injury, death.

we all agree that on the whole animals are the innocent victims of a sometimes harsh reality.

i had an update on elvis today..tiny, elderly, frail little dog out on the streets, starving and all alone..rescued by SARC, sent to SAINTS, today he is incredibly loved and cherished in a home of his own.
i also checked in on sammy and lillie...both of them lost their homes, came to saints and now are doing well together in their new adoptive home. i heard that sammy is so very affectionate and lillie has learned to raid the cupboards, find the cat treats and carry the bag upstairs to bed.

yesterday i met with a family who found a cat on craigs list. they were told the cat was about 2 yrs old, healthy and his owner had passed away that was 17 days ago. they took him to the vets paid $300, and discovered he was covered in fleas and he had crystals in his urine and required a special diet. all of that was ok and within their means but he also was closer to 8yrs old and had really bad teeth. the quote for the dental including extractions was almost 2 grand and that was far beyond their means. their options were nil..they could not afford that vet bill which left ending the cat's suffering which actually meant ending his life.
i could have suggested they sign him over to us and we would then care for another homeless cat. but to me the very thin line was...they took him in good faith 17 days ago, they took him to the vet, they paid for his exam, his flea meds, his special diet. they were responsible in trying their best. he obviously had a good home who cared for his wellbeing, it wasn't his fault or their fault that there wasn't a couple of thousand dollars available to pay for the dental. a good cat, a good family, a good matters..we will cover the cost of his dental.

but we won't cover vet costs for families who don't do their parts. who know their animals need vet care yet make no effort at all. for those sad, suffering animals, the only answer i have is sign them over to us and we will ensure they get their needed care. i have heard every excuse and fabrication on the why behind animal neglect and for the always bottom line is....what are the chances of the neglect continuing once this crises is resolved? usually the odds are pretty good that neglecting an animals needs is not one isolated is an ongoing decision to place a low priority on the animal's needs.

we do have a new cat in today..her owners moved away 3 weeks ago and left her out on the street. today she had her vet check, she too needs a dental and she needs a mass removed from her neck. she is a very sweet cat and we named her olivia. she deserved a more responsible family and hopefully we can help her find that.

i was thinking about olivia today and how her family could just abandon her like that. were they horribly, selfish and unkind people? maybe...i don't know.

but what i do know is there are very few options for unwanted pets. and we are actually part of the problem. i don't know how many animals we turn away every month, but it is a lot. i know that most of the reputable cat rescues turn them away too, and so does the spca...when rescues and shelters are full, they turn animals away. and when we turn them away..where do they go?
to the vets for euthanization? what if the vets say no because they won't euthanize healthy animals?
how much of our animal loving, animal caring, animal welfare systems and the inaccessiblity to them due to their overfull homeless populations, closes that final door and leads to animal abandonment to fend for themselves on the streets?

i don't have any answers..we can only care for so many and the same is true for everyone else. but it is a very fine line for some of these animals if they do or don't get the opportunity for help.

sometimes it is a very fine line between a yes and a no.
i wish we never had to say no.