Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 3, 2017

here is the thing about rescue..besides that it sometimes truly sucks.
everyone has an opinion, everyone knows what is their version of right, everyone believes in things in some way or another and all of this is absolutely fine.
we all live by our own individual standards and hopefully what we say, is consistent with what we do.

when i started my own rescue..i put certain standards in place. and i don't deviate from them because they are the promises to the animals that i made.
i honor my word. i don't care how uncomfortable it gets, i don't care if others agree. i don't care if people get angry and threaten to bring me down and destroy me.
i have kept my word to over 800 saints animals and this is not going to change.
people can take my words out of context, they can twist them to their own ends, i don't give a shit because it makes no difference to what i believe.

i believe in honesty, honor, truth and transparency.

so here are my words and it applies to all saints animals..past, present or future...

i will take you in, and i will do my best.
if you come here, i promise you this...
you will never be alone without a champion.
you will never again suffer from abandonment, or neglect.
i will stand by you, no matter if it causes me discomfort or pain.
if you are or become too broken to enjoy a decent quality of life, then i will hold you when you are gently euthanized.
but i will never turn my back on you and i will never forget my promise to you.
i may make mistakes, but i will learn from them so you do not suffer from them in vain.
and i will always be here for you if ever you need me again.

i don't believe in fairy tales or magical thinking..i see far too many animals suffering because humans are incapable of facing reality.
so i choose to do rescue with my eyes wide open, stripped bare of wishful thinking while i make each of them my pledge.

does this sound overly dramatic? does this sound like some sappy wedding vow?

i am sure that it does.

for all of the thousand times someone has said to me.."i don't know how you do it."
here is the fucking answer...

i do it because i promised.

4 new dogs in during the past 24 hours..violet i already introduced and she is lovely.
we also welcome leg lifting, humping senior harry.
and finally as darkness fell we opened our hearts to 2 more homeless wayfarers..
welcome roxanne and maisie, all of you beat to shit by crappy lives..
my promise to each of you is exactly the same.