Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 26, 2017

the past couple of days at saints have been a challenge.

a very kind couple brought us a baby rabbit that was thought to have been hit by a car. the staff rushed him into one of our vet clinics. there it was discovered she was actually a victim of a predator attack. sadly the clinic was unable to save her and she was euthanized.

nova, the young juvenile bunny from one of lilo's previous feral litters went in for her spay yesterday. the vets found she was pregnant at only about 5 months old. sadly the single babe inside her was grossly malformed, as was her uterus and the vet felt had she gone to term and tried to give birth, she probably would have died in the process. lucky for nova she made it to saints, her spay has literally saved her life. lucky girl.

the reno's for the new rabbit area have begun, the concrete forms are in for the outside free run bunny garden. we are pretty excited to be able to provide our rabbits with a brand new environment designed specifically to enhance their quality of life!

bear goes in for his neuter and entropian surgery today. we continue to struggle thru various issues with him. for some reason he has taken an intense dislike to vinnie...for such a nice dog, he is continuing to add serious issue upon serious issue for us to try to deal with. i can't honestly say that bear is going to make it successfully here...all i can say is that we will try our very best to help him succeed. but bear is the one who needs to step it up a bit and put in some effort to try to succeed...aggression to humans with eye care and insulin injections, severe aggression to cats and now a vendetta against a dog who has done nothing to him is adding a bunch of negatives up to continuing trying to provide him with safe daily care. we are hoping the neuter will help take him down a few notches in his reactivity...hope floats...again.

we had a real emergency here yesterday when rio was sedated for a routine equine procedure. he had a reaction to the sedation and a crises ensued. luckily, he has recovered but it is another clue that rio is a ticking time bomb of health issues. this old boy is well into his 30's now. i guess it is time to switch our focus to palliative care for whatever time is left for him. as much as we want him to live forever, the reality is, he can't.

it is pretty quiet around here without rain and while i appreciate the peace this brings....i really miss that ball of rolling, running, jumping, playing, joyful sunshine. but i also know that he will now get to live the life that all dogs dream of..a wonderful, loving and forever home of his own.