Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 29, 2017

buddy is making me sad...time is creeping onward and he is starting to run out of steam. the tumor on his chest is getting bigger, he is starting to lose weight, losing interest in running around like a fool and undiscriminating eating. i always said that as long as there was lunch available, buddy would stay right here but he is not all that interested in lunch anymore. at 19 i know he can't live forever, especially with cancer but i cannot imagine life without his joyful busybodyness under my feet. love you buddy...hang in here please.

oreo is perking up...he actually is feeling quite good again so he is off my worry list (for now.)

zander is still struggling to get his diabetes under control. he is feeling and doing much better but still has quite a ways yet to go.

all of the cats that were moved from the mp communal area to the house communal areas are doing really well. all of them are engaging, interacting and cheerful. patches has even decided to join the kitchen crew and let squirt curl up next to her.

hyde still has terrible diarrhea...having a hard time despite the special meds and diets in getting control of it.

the decrease in tension since the loss of daisy is palatable here. all of the dogs are far more cheerful and relaxed. still, it makes me sad. for the first five years of her life, that sweet, sweet dog lived a difficult life that caused her fear, her ingrained distrust, her reactivity to any perceived type of threat. the pure light inside her was overshadowed by her past. so unfair, so innocent soul tormented by a shitty life.

our newest challenge today...looks like some of our barn feed was infested with grain weevils..they have taken over the shop. all of the feed currently not stored in freezers (due to the reno's) will have to be thrown away. i have a pest control company coming in to fog out the building and hopefully we won't have this problem again.

anyone available tomorrow morning to help haul bags of food out of the shop and to the dumpster would be greatly appreciated.

i am back to work..this exhausting vacation is over...and i am kind of glad that i can't be here tomorrow!