Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 22, 2017

clover is carrying on. she has moments of panic as she searches for her mom and she has a bad habit of jumping the indoor gates ending up too close to the door or in that little asshole oscar's pen to peer out the window. this morning she had a couple of shallow wounds on her face and neck...we are thinking that oscar objected to her jumping into his pen. it would be nice if we could explain to him that he should be nice because she is really upset. but even if he could understand us, oscar honestly would not care. he's just like is all about oscar, and she should stay out of his pen.

poor ella has had a tough time. she caught herself on something sharp..a loose fence wire? a nail sticking out of a fence? we don't know because we can't find it. but the vets said it is definitely a single tear from something rally sharp. it ripped right thru her arm pit muscle, so i think she was trying to jump over something and got caught. she had surgery and a couple of drains put in and is now in a cone. ella is tough enough to withstand the sutures and drains but she totally upset that her head is stuck in a cone.

i am getting into a pretty smooth routine with stella while she settles down..she is fairly content in the entrance way, it is close to all of the action and it is pretty easy for me to move her thru gates to empty yards while i rotate the other dogs in and out.
i am a little worried because this weekend king of the north is flying down. he better be a good and easy going dog because we are maxed out on prickily dog spaces.

sometimes i wish we could MRI all incoming dogs heads to weed out the difficult ones. sadly that technology is not yet available so we get who we get and bend ourselves into pretzels to make it work for both us and them.
who needs yoga? we have saints!

we are going to be short staffed now until early October so if any volunteers feel like coming up and helping us during the week, it would be greatly appreciated for the next little while.

vinnie is obsessing over his glow in the dark bouncy ball, he keeps getting it stuck under shit and makes me crawl around to retrieve it for him...this game is not really fun.