Rescue Journal

fickle finger of fate

Carol  ·  Oct. 25, 2017

we all have the very best of intentions. so much of what we do comes from a soft and caring heart. there really is only a small percentage of ignorant animal abusers yet so many animals end up neglected or homeless.
why is that?

i think it is because we see the world thru our own little bubble, the fickle finger of fate has never poked out one of my eyes. it has bypassed me and allowed me to live with my preferred kind of illusions...that everything will always end up being all right. all of my fantasy endings are scripted so i come out innocent and pure..the world might be screwed up but not i.

it took me a long time to remove the glittery butterflies, the happily ever after, the what i believe to be true will be true...just because i say.

i think i have become more cynical, more critical of my motives in all that i do.. the superficial is just for decoration, its the layers underneath that speak more truth. it is the possible ripples in the pond of my intentions that i now find myself patiently peering thru.

i learned in carrying the burden of responsibility for others lives that fate's fickle finger has a really bad habit of actually being quite cruel.

so to answer my very own question...why are so many animals neglected and homeless?
and i think it is because we humans have 10 fingers of fickleness.
just like a cat supposedly has 9 lives, we have the potential of making the same fickle finger mistakes 10 or more times.
we think each action we take, each decision we make is totally different from the last time. that each one is somehow unique.
but we are mistaken because there are only 2 answers to everything in life...wrong or right.

i have done wrong things..for many different reasons which i can no long remember. most likely they were stupid reasons which is why i can't remember them.
but the actual wrongness of what i did or didn't do never goes just accumulates, one on top of the other so i remember the painful consequences of my fractured fairy tales.

there really is no such thing as the fickle finger of fate....
it's just us, choosing not to do right.
and that's why there are so many neglected and homeless animals in this is the choices we make that affects their lives.