Rescue Journal

another new sick cat

Carol  ·  Nov. 29, 2017

vern just left for the night, he will be back tomorrow to finish up. we took that half wire wall in the mp and re-did it to reach the ceiling and poof..ella can't bite visitors any more. we no longer have to move her to a "safe" zone when visitors are on site..with the new full wire wall her room is bite proof!

while i was in there waiting for him to finish for the night, i realized that not only does the new wire wall now need painting, but the whole area needs a freshen up. anyone up for a painting party???
i can't stand banged up and dingy.

another new cat in and she is quite sick too. her name is Angel and she is lovely. she was found several months ago living in a wood pile. it has taken its toll on her and she has several significant health issues.

all three of the new cats...nikko, aura and angel are presenting themselves with some pretty big vet bills. still we are so glad they are here now so for whatever time they have left, they will get whatever care that they need to feel good.
welcome to saints you guys, we will do our best for you!