Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Dec. 7, 2017

zanders tail tumor has broken open, he has a quality of life assessment with our vets this week. he is an elderly, blind, diabetic and is a poor surgical risk for a major tail amputation. we have him on a good pain med regime but i want to ensure we are covering his pain control needs.

god is feeling better, the antibiotics are kicking in and he is starting to eat again.

thx to shelagh and darin for the painting in the mp room. it still is not finished and we sure could use some help for the second coats.

i finished up tidying the mezzanine storage put me in a bad mood because we are absolute slobs at keeping our non animal areas tidy.

new bunnies smaug and shamus got into a fence fight between their wire cages. shamus ended up with a wound on his nose so smaug got moved to a more solid pen type area.

susu's addition to her outside yard is almost complete..just needs a few wheelbarrows of gravel spread in there and then we can open it up to her.

winstons new indoor shop area is also almost done, he just needs some hog fuel put into his outside run and then he can move.

new dog and cat arrivals tomorrow. mo and i will be doing the airport run for shy,the chained timid northern dog. the new aggressive diabetic cat zoe is booked to arrive in the afternoon once i am back and can settle her in. aggressive cats that are upset with life altering changes are never fun to deal with so i think i should be here.