Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 31, 2018

i am still quite ill but here a few quick updates before I get too far behind,

newbies in...

echo..senior cat with only one kidney who is currently a little bit pissed off.

gus..a cranky and biting little guy with a mouthful of rotten teeth.

cody..a 15 yr old cat given away on craigs list who has spent the last three months hiding underneath the porch of his new home.

updates on other newbie-ishes...
pugsly and emma the pugs have a great home as soon as their medicals are done.

koji the blind little puppy looks like he also may have found a wonderful home.

Minnie saw the surgeon...she is a good candidate for a full right hip replacement...hopefully we can get this one which is the worst one= done soon.

shooter the beagle/pug has settled in well.

our new and much awaited pig Amelia has not arrived yet. there has been a complicated problem which both AC and SAINTS are trying to work thru.

other stuff

the replacement of the rotting, falling down fence is almost complete...I have been too sick to inspect it...hopefully I can in the next day or two but I heard it looks great.

lots of recent vet visits....remus is home, still having problems with his bowels. pugsley had his dental..emma still needs hers.
pogo had her dental. angel and aura had their rechecks. both brat and bear have skin infections and are now on meds...the good news is bear does not currently have cancer...YAY! but... sadly little buddy does. floyd has not been well...he is quite an elderly duck now. we have started him on pain meds and he seems to be feeling better. hope the bunny is still being evaluated for the effectiveness of her pain control plan...she is becoming upset during medication times so we are looking at trying a change in administration and see how she tolerates it.

and I think that is most of the news.