Rescue Journal

here's to the future

Carol  ·  Feb. 6, 2018

its been a couple of weeks of me laying low which has been a total drag. I do have a couple of easy things planned for today so hopefully I am actually up to these minimal tasks.

this brings to mind my constant preoccupation with getting saints up to speed without me at the helm. I realize now that saints can actually function really well on a day to day basis without me. this is because we have such great volunteers and staff. the single greatest asset any charitable organization can have is the quality and commitment of the people who truly are dedicated to the well being of the organization and it's mission statement.
we have that.

what I am a little foggy about tho is avoiding the double bubble syndrome once I am no longer here.

an example of the double bubble syndrome is one I see in my paid career for the past 25 years. it is the disconnect between policy and procedures, strategic planning, reaching the "ideal" and the actual reality of on the ground working. I think this happens in many organizations..separate bubbles for the thinkers and do'ers. and it creates conflict, misunderstandings and an us against them set of rules.

I am in a unique position of living in one single bubble that services both saints worlds and my commitment to both is equal. I see how the board is working so hard and with such pure, uncomplicated interest to move saints forward into the future. and I see how every single day the staff and volunteers strive in every possible way to make each day here as good as it can possibly be for every single animal.
it is mind blowing and humbling in the extreme.
I get to see not only some of the extreme strengths that each of us have individually..but I see some of our limitations too. and it is those limitations that move me to the core of my soul. because I see over and over how we each struggle and strive despite those limitations to keep moving forward. collectively I get to see how each of us is growing and getting better and better at this oddly undefinable place in saints.

so this morning I am thinking...we need not just celebrate our strengths..but we need to celebrate our limitations too. because it is our limitations that are actually moving us forward to a bigger and better and brighter future.
the day we think we know it all..that we have it all perfectly together, is the day we start to stagnant. but as long as we are all committed together to recognizing and embracing our limitations... we will be a cohesive single bubble team whose only goal is to step it up and do better.