Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 23, 2018

this week we have had many discussions regarding the RHD virus and how to protect our rabbits. i don't think we can go overboard in our precautions because the actual virus is devastating and the threat of reaching us is very real. the trick is to put in appropriate safety measures that will be effective and are relatively simple to follow. we have basically created a "clean" zone where only our bunny care providers can go. we are working on reducing the potential of infection by making sure hands and feet are viral free plus ensuring our rabbits are not exposed to other potential sources of infection...flies, birds, ground water, and contaminated soil and produce.
our vets are working hard applying for special licences to have the vaccines imported from the UK. the cost of the vaccines is most likely going to be really expensive to get shipped over here and it will probably take many weeks...but whatever. we just hope we can get them here and vaccinate our bunnies.

minnie had to have her hip replacement surgery put off for another month. she has an infected bite wound to her foot. apparently she stuck her foot underneath ella's gate and ella bit her really hard. i am annoyed with both of them.

bo had his do over castration..he wasn't super happy about it but too freaking bad.

we have ordered in some more portable fencing to keep rudy and raven separate from amigo and dixie. they are too old to participate in who is boss of the pasture.

the loss of faith yesterday was totally unexpected and yet we know the high risks that rabbits face when under general anesthetics. frankly with that mass we were investigating, she most likely didn't have much time left. i feel really badly for the clinic staff, it is so hard on them when they lose a patient even tho they did everything they possibly could to save her.

i am not feeling great today...woke up with waves of nausea. thank goodness it is a day off because i just took 100 mg of i am sleeping it off pretty soon.