Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 25, 2018

yesterday i took flynn out to animal control so they could meet him and decide what is the best way to move forward with him. they felt he should stay there so they could fully assess him and work on plans for dealing with his food guarding, shyness, housetraining..that are barriers to his adoption. flynn has always been their dog and saints was only fostering him for them. if flynn doesn't do well, he will be turned over to saints and he will come back to us. all of us decided he needed the best chance and had his best interests in mind while formulating this plan...he is young, training and behavior modification are not our forte while they have the expertise to help him move past his issues if he is able.

still it made me sad to leave him is not something we normally do. once a saint, always a saint..but flynn wasn't a saint..yet. and because i love him... i truly hope he won't need to become one too.

however sometimes little sad clouds have silver linings. i came home with 2 little sad souls who do meet our mandate and now are real saints.

tiny zander came in to animal control more than 2 months ago as a stray but no one wanted to claim or adopt him. this little old, half blind min pin is utterly adorable. how he was not snatched up for adoption blows my mind. now we have tiny zander and giant zander sharing the same special name!
little chip also came home with me...he looks to be an elderly malti or terri-poo. totally sweet, suffers from separation anxiety with a mouthful of rotten teeth. he is about 14 yrs old and was also an unclaimed stray.
they have both moved into the kitchen and have settled in well. they are perfectly wrecked little saints that we will love and care for really well!

flynn..we haven't abandoned you..we will be here if you need. and in the meantime welcome to saints tiny zander and chip, glad we were able to offer you a safe place.

our beloved minnie is having her first hip replacement surgery today...we are thinking of you sweetheart and hope you are not too afraid.