Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 18, 2018

the is no doubt that the pre-amble leading up to the open house was tough but thx to some really wonderful volunteers, we were looking great by the time the open house started. we had over 300 folks tour thru on both days and everyone was so kind and generous...they were 2 great days. our amazing staff and volunteers working those days really made us shine!
i then disappeared for a few days to visit my sister in kelowna. i had a really relaxing time with her, she took very good care of me while i recouped. huge thx to renee and anne for staying over night with the crippled crew while i was gone!

new cat in...her name is bella. her owner passed away and a neighbor took her in but couldn't afford to commit to caring for her long term. big thx to Eastridge Animal Hospital for squeezing her in for her spay and check ups and then keeping her until we got thru the open house!
des is now loose and out of his cage, he is so much happier. he is still a bit hissy unless you have a bag of temptations in hand..but with those you can hand feed him and sneak in a few pets.
sam has been adopted into a wonderful home on the island. minnie went into foster care with our volunteers jane, mark and family and i am so happy about that!

the new little tiny kitten baxter who arrived on open house day and was scooped up as soon as my grandkids met him, is doing well in his new home. my son says he is a playful and friendly babe with a ton of energy that keeps them all on their toes!

there are quite a few newbies coming in in the next week or so, i will intro them as they arrive.

cuddles had a difficult time last night, he had a grand mal seizure but is recovering well.

i think that brings us pretty much up to date and i apologize for not blogging for the past couple of bad.