Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Jun. 28, 2018

firstly re Keats: we switched his home euth app't to July 13th. i just couldn't do the felt too too soon. i might regret it but i am praying not.

wynnona...the vet has already been here to see her this morning. he will be back again tomorrow. we named her wynnona because her name was winnie but 2 pigs named winnie is 2 too many. erin suggested we call her noni which i think suits her well. it is pretty damn sad watching her try to get up...she pulls herself up on her hind legs like a kangaroo and then gets stuck. she totally freaks out if we try to help her get to where ever she is going which is going to be an issue if she doesn't regain the use of her front legs soon.

otherwise she is a totally messed up, adorable, fruilt loving baby.