Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 6, 2018

we lost lucy this week to liver disease. we struggled with making the decision but the bottom line was she wasnt getting better with the IV's and meds. the next step was a feeding tube but lucy was pretty difficult to provide hands on care for..fight, flight or freeze...lucy was a fighter.... all teeth and claws..her most probable eventual end was not going to be peaceful or pretty. it sucked, she was a lovely little cat as long as no one was pissing her off.

noni had her leg xray today...she has been lame again for the past week or so. luckily there was no sign of osteomylitis. it looks like fairly significant arthritis in her front elbow. hopefully we can maintain her comfortably on a good med regime.

oreo has gone off to the home of his dreams. mad max has come back to the kitchen and is behaving himself fairly well. i think erin is planning on moving diesel into bears old is brighter and more central so he should feel less isolated plus it is more easily climate controlled but the move will probably piss him off initially anyway. oh yeye...a ticked off diesel is never fun, hopefully he gets over it quickly.

minnie had her reassessment regarding her new hip dislocating for the third time in the past couple of weeks..they will have tio back in and see if it can be readjusted..her surgery is next week.
this accident prone dog and her mounting vet bills may well be the death of me! she is well on her way to surpassing both bratwurst and miley in terms of financial liability. but good lord..she is such a sweet, sweet dog.