Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 10, 2018

new dog in..her name is brooklyn and she is a mess....bad skin, bad eyes and bad ears...really bad is what i see tonight. renee got her a vet appointment for tomorrow thank goodness and one of the staff thankfully have already given her a good bath. i am going to give her some meds tonight to decrease her itching so she can have a decent sleep and tomorrow, we will hopefully have a good treatment plan.

one of our newest fosters, who no one except me has met yet was just diagnosed with mouth cancer. hintza is a lovely, cheerful, energetic 8 yr old white shepherd with a wonderfully funny personality. we are going to investigate a little further to see if there are any possible treatment options for him. this is quite a stressful time for his foster family because they adore this goofy boy.

lynn took lenny to abbotsford for her physio appointment today...she said lenny did really well. she sure is tired tonight tho, passed out and snoring..she is such a cute little girl!

i keep thinking the front door is open! our volunteer wonder guys installed a new front door (the old one was rusting and had sharp metal edges just waiting to amputate some poor dogs toes!) this door has a big window in it. the entrance way is so bright now, i keep thinking the door is open when it is not. thank you guys! LOVE the new door!!!

one of our barn volunteers has sadly moved away. and we are really going to miss him. rick was a super nice guy and as a parting gift to the saints animals he left a donation and 3 super duper great wheelbarrows that everyone is going to LOVE! thank you rick and we will miss you! hope you come back for a visit soon!

huge thx to ali for organizing a volunteer potluck this past was truly enjoyed by all (esp. mad max and diesel!)

so glad the rain is back!!

i think that is all of the recent news.