Rescue Journal

Busy as bees

Erin  ·  Jan. 23, 2019

Renee, Sheila, Carol and I had a meeting today. They are trying to give Renee and I the tools we will need to slowly take on more responsibility as Carol transitions into retirement. Its very interesting learning the behind the scenes board of directors stuff going on constantly in the background, it feels like a security blanket, this group of people so dedicated to SAINTS. Every one of us (all of us, including you, whether you are volunteer, donor, staff, board member or Carol herself) is a part of the future of SAINTS, we all have such different strengths and ideas to bring to the table. Renee and I have a lot to learn, but we are committed and we will give it our all.

Little had her repeat ultrasound. Agwest has a portable machine, its really a marvel of technology. The questionable area in her chest is still there. If anything, its bigger. So the antibiotics did not work, meaning it is not an infection. Process of elimination, next up is to send a scope down to see if it is a possible foreign body causing havoc. If it is something like that, we can remove it (hopefully). If not, we will just continue to treat her bloat episodes as they happen, until (if) the quality of her life is affected. Our team of vets have a few more ideas up their sleeves to try to relieve the gas buildup, we shall see.

Ariel was spayed and vaccinated, and came home today. She is feeling pretty good actually! She is a lover of being under blankets, tucks herself right in. Ariel doesnt care that she is a cat and her friends are rabbits.

Mikey was neutered and tattooed. Once healed he should be available for adoption, hes so cute and friendly, very personable lil guy.

Tido has a dental surgery scheduled for tomorrow. He too should be able to land a great home soon, he is really sweet, I dont think he has a mean bone in his body!

I am working on a possible forever home for Whiskey. I am being very thorough and taking my time to ensure I make the right decision for her. Keep you posted!