Rescue Journal

Holy Updates Batman

Erin  ·  Feb. 19, 2019

So much to tell you!

Welcome Jenny! Her mom Sabine asked us quite some time ago if we would take Jenny in if she either passed or became otherwise unable to continue caring for her. Sabine has to now move into assisted living, and true to our word, we accepted Jenny this past weekend. She's a senior girl but is in great shape, she gets along well with dogs and cats and hopefully in time we will be able to find her a stellar home of her own!

Theo found her very own home this weekend! She is such a sweet cat, we knew it would not take long for someone to fall for her! Yay Theo!

Tiny Tim is healing from surgery in the shop. Surgery from what you ask? Well, his penis would not retract, he's had to have it sutured, not once, but twice. I asked him how he felt about living in the shop.... Temperature control, comfy bed, radio, he's doing alright :)

Lisbon had become a flyer! I've been worried about her, what kind of bird doesn't fly? Her feathers looked fine, I didn't see evidence of clipped wings but she did not seem to be able to get off the ground. Oslo is off exploring the aviary and here's Liz, walking along the ground. Not a big deal .. But weird. Until now. Now, she and Oslo are flying here there and everywhere! It's so exciting! The aviary is so friendly and everyone speaks in such different voices, love it !

Have you ever watched someone poop and then cheer about it? Trixie had a rough week, she ate some rocks and after a vet visit and some xrays we've been feeling terrible for her... Nobody likes to have the runs! Today she had a perfect poop. And yes. I cheered.

Stanley had what we thought was a tooth abscess last week, a wound under his chin, turns out the vet believes it's not an abscess at all but a tumor in his jaw. Meds and daily care and Stanley looks terrific! Poor guy, like he needs another problem on his plate. He's a trooper!

Noelle has perked up and is eating heartily again. Whew. Talk about 99 problems! Lymphoma and kidney disease. Either could kill her. We'll use every trick in the book to help her feel as good as possible for as long as possible but there's only so much anyone can do. Kidney failure sucks. It's hard to watch. Hard to manage symptoms. I think they say that kidney values on bloodwork are only measured AFTER the kidneys lose 80% of function. So you are not in kidney failure until you are reduced to a measly 20% function. Man we take things for granted if they work, and only take notice when they are really really bad. Noelle's kidneys suck. But she is beautiful inside and out.

Today I found a nail for a horseshoe in one of the dogs breakfast dishes. Now, either I didn't look in the dish before I emptied the can of pedigree into it (which is possible) or the nail fell off something or someone into the dish in the three minutes it takes the dogs to eat (but as I'm the only one around and I most certainly do not carry horseshoe nails in my pockets I'm not sure how that could happen) or the nail was in the can of pedigree. Please tell me it was NOT in the can of dog food. Tell me that's impossible. It's not fucking possible .. Right? Right?