Rescue Journal

Who takes home a 17 year old dog? Jaime does.

Erin  ·  Apr. 4, 2019

Jaime and Darrel have four dogs and a cat. This is the number that works for them. Jamie takes her cats home from Katie's Place in Maple Ridge, and she fosters her dogs from us. Jamie actually prefers big dogs, but with the exception of the lovely Kirk, she tends to stick with the littles. Aside from Kirk, Jamie and Darrel permanently fostered Jedi and Ewok, who were shih tsu brothers, Lacey, the driveway dump I will never forget, Patches and Ewok (the second), sisters who were only at SAINTS a couple of days before Jamie scooped them up, Baby Jane and Violet Rose. Teek and Ewok (the third, renamed Gilbert) are also SAINTS alumni who share their home along with Angus and Joey.

Jamie will not take adoptable dogs home, preferring instead to take the ones without other options. So when Princess came in, yeah, alot of us thought...she is a Jamie dog. After meeting her Jamie, head over heels in love, took Princess home. Princess looks phenomenal for her age, she runs up and down the full flight of stairs in their home. She jumps on and off the couch. She does not take any medications and does not seem to have any arthritis pain at all. Princess looks so good Jamie almost had second thoughts. The vet has records enough to prove that Princess is at least 15 years old, her owner stated the age on the surrender form as 17. After her vet visit yesterday it looks like Princess is not quite as healthy as she appears, she has an odd low heartrate and is underweight even though she has a good appetite. We should know more today once all the test results come back. Princess could not be in a better place, no matter what health concerns she has. Here is hoping for many years together as one big happy family!



Oh...little princess will definitely be treated like royalty now. Nice to see a senior come into Saints who has never known neglect too....and now she's landed in Jamie's wonderful❤


So many amazing animals come thru Saints and those of us who have the opportunity to meet them and have our hearts stolen are so blessed!! Wow Jamie and Darrel are just about caught up to the number that I have had the pleasure of sharing my home with...15 is my total. It would be interesting to know the actual number of Saints animals that have gone home with us volunteers over the years(get on that Erin) .... I'm betting it's pretty high....who can resist.