Rescue Journal

I don't stay put.

Carol  ·  Jul. 12, 2019

Taylor is a handful, she is perky and bright and thinks life is a great adventure.
(now don't anyone get too excited, she is not up for adoption yet, we still have to get her spayed.)

But back to this little handful who will not stay put!

Taylor can squeeze thru a closed gate, she can jump over an xpen and lift a closed dog door with her nose. She hops like a high speed bunny where ever she goes.
She likes playing "catch me if you can" with my 100 pound puppy and loves to leap in the air to grab said puppy by the neck.
Taylor will cower on the ground, crawl to you on her belly if she thinks you are mad at her, or want to do something with her (like put on a collar) or are thinking of putting her somewhere.
I don't actually think she has ever been mistreated, I think she just learned that looking pathetic gets her off the hook. She is so pathetically adorable that it really does work!

Taylor LOVES to cuddle, she is The. Best. Cuddler. in town. She loves to be carried, she loves to be held. She frankly loves everything and anything that makes her a super star.
Which is why she never stays put.
The grass is greener on the other side of the gate.
There are more fun loving people behind the doggy door.
Her favorite giant puppy playmate is on the other side of the xpen.

Taylor sees, Taylor wants, Taylor gets what she wants.

There are no barriers too great for her to surmount.
There are no hurdles that can't be run under.
Obstacles are simply challenges to be overcome.
Taylor's motto in life is "girls just want to have fun!"

This is a little and funny and determined diva dog who will not stay where you put her!!
and all of us love her to bits!!