Rescue Journal

quick notes

Carol  ·  Nov. 5, 2019

shyla and i have this special shared bond. she is a total psycho freak show and she knows that i love her anyway without any rose colored glasses!

she was not happy with my extended holiday away from her. since my return, each time i leave her room and return it is an over the top, OMG! you are back!!! greeting. today she took out my knee and that still hurts!

new dog in..his name is percy and he is a very sweet 14 yr old poodle whose elderly owner was no longer able to care for him. boris and nugget are being unwelcoming dicks.

i got kind of spoiled on my vacation..i can no longer sleep in a bed covered with pee pads. so...while i was gone the old destroyed bed was carted away (thank you doug and staff!) and a new one was set up. i did some fix ups with the help of mark, roane and ashleigh and now am relatively happy with the new result. leakiy hannah is no longer allowed on the actual bed BUT..this bed has a trundle bed that i can pull out, cover with pee pads so she can sleep close to (but not ON me!)

tomorrow we are expecting another new dog and a new old blind rabbit. we have a large douglas college tour coming thru on thursday and a VCC tour on friday then back to work for me on saturday.
(not real) retirement is busy!