Rescue Journal

a pat on the back!

Carol  ·  Dec. 8, 2019

We had HUGE tours thru this weekend...yesterdays tour ended up having 4 of us each grabbing a group, todays tour had to be divided in half to 2 groups. Lot's of really good folks coming thru.
What was really nice about this weekend was each group really seemed to not only enjoy the tours but were able to see how much time and effort we actually put in to ensure each animals comfort and happiness.
I really felt like we shared the real story of saints with them. It felt good!

We have so many interesting and wonderful and complex beings in our care and their beauty shined this weekend!

Which brings me to something we don't often get around to saying...

SAINTS is who SAINTS is because of our staff and volunteers. We are able to be who we are because of our donors and supporters. And we are able to share our pride and joy in bringing these animals care, concern and commitment with our visitors. Their recognition for a job well done helps us to acknowledge that we have made a real and concrete positive difference in these animals lives.
Some days are hard but they are so very worth it.

Pats on the back for our animal loving village!

Mad Max says..."way to go guys!!"