Rescue Journal

Animal Welfare Organization

Carol  ·  Oct. 13, 2020

To me SAINTS is a living, breathing, thinking, feeling organism, alive with every single animal, every single human being as part of it's beating heart. Even blind Fred and her new broken chicken friend, Tumblina are at the core of this very much alive organism that we call SAINTS.

Organizations are not written words, or policy and procedures, or operating manuals. Those things are just tools to protect or guide those living within and in a practical sense help decrease the need to reinvent the wheel over and over again. But the organization is not some monolithic box to strangle those within, it is the Tree that sinks its deep roots into the earth to withstand the stormy winds.

SAINTS is Shyla, and Alex, and the parvo pups. It is Gabby the terrified cat. It is Tippy sharing a nap with a turtle and the horses running across the field. It is Emily moo'ing for a second breakfast and Trevor limping on a sore leg, And it is Tammy weeping for the loss of Johnny and Anne struggling with Magoo's quality of life, and KO worrying about the ducks, and Brigit organizing a garage sale. Its about Jody doing our financials, and Wendy our photos, and Erin holding a dying bunny, and Sheila trying to raise money. And its me lifting a seizuring Marvin to a safe bed, while arguing with someone about something. Because passion and differing thoughts and ideas lives here too.

This is a whole new road we are all taking moving from day to day to finding our path to the future. We will make mistakes, we will lose our way and suddenly find ourselves stuck in confusion.

But we must never forget the beating heart of SAINTS, the animals, the people. Thats the real root of the word organization, SAINTS beating heart is the only true organ.