Captain Smaug's Story

Sheila  ·  Jun. 5, 2021

Smaug came to SAINTS November 2017 at the age of 5. That means Smaug is nine years old today (domestic rabbits on average live to be 8 years old but can easily live to 12 years of age)

In those 9 years Smaug has, like many of us, a varied life of change. His first five years of life was with one person in a home environment. Smaug came to us being used to be free roaming and being an only bunny. SAINTS was an adjustment for him. He found his place at SAINTS in the medical room with cats as his roommates and lived there quite content as the lone bunny. May of 2020 Smaug’s life took another change (kind of like how we humans move from one house to another). May of 2020 Dumbledore’s bonded bunny friend had passed and he needed another friend. The staff decided that just maybe Dumbledore and Smaug could be friends because was it really a coincidence that their names seemed to scream “we were meant to be roommates” For five months Smaug loved his friend and then life took another turn. Dumbledore passed away in October. Luckily Smaug found new friends. He is now bonded to Cinnabun and Steele (a pair that came in together in 2014).

Our bunnies are lucky to have an outdoor place to frolic in and large pens to live and sleep in because they really don’t get many opportunities to find a permanent home.

Our bunnies rarely got adoption enquiries so we are so very glad we can give Smaug and his teammates in the shop a rich life.

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