No Party This Year!

Sheila  ·  Sep. 14, 2021

We usually have our Wishes 4 Whiskers fundraiser in the fall. This fundraiser helps us get through the very lean summer months. And yet, for the second year in a row, we have to forgo doing this event. We heavily rely on it to pay our outstanding vet bills. The loss of the event is slowly being realized by our staff and volunteers. They understand what the real world cost of not having our W4W means. But our saintly residents are just sad there will be no party that celebrates them.

We may not raise $ 60,000 that a live event brings in but we are hoping that a plea from our saintly crew will raise some money for them. The animals told us their goal was to hit $10,000. Let’s see if we can do that for our saintly crew.

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