In Memory

Charlie Brown

Nathan  ·  Apr. 16, 2024


October, 2021. SAINTS was asked if we could take a very needy dog. This 12 year old boy had been on the radar of many professionals. He was owned by someone who lived on the streets. He had a large, ugly testicular mass (though he’d been neutered through a grant years earlier). He was very stiff and had a hard time moving comfortably. His ears were badly infected and swollen. Most of his teeth were broken. He and his people were homeless and just didn’t have access to vet care. In the three weeks it took for us to figure out where the dog was and how and when we could get him to our sanctuary, he was rehomed (really just passed off to someone else) at least three times. He had folks who cared, but they had nothing themselves. This is a life few of us can really grasp the difficulties of. He needed multiple surgeries and due to his debilitating arthritis he also needed daily medication. He just could not remain on the street at the mercy of the elements for yet another cold and wet winter. Charlie Brown was eventually surrendered and came to SAINTS. Charlie was thrilled to have blankets and toys. A bed. Heat. A whole carpeted room to call his own. He had his dangling painful mass removed. His ear infections were treated. His broken teeth extracted. He was given pain control and a healthy diet. He met and tolerated our other dogs. All in all, he settled in nicely to sanctuary life. April 2022. Enter Pamela and Martin. Pamela was a fairly new volunteer, she’d been coming regularly for a few months. It wasn’t long before she and her partner Martin fell for Charlie and applied to become his permanent foster home. Charlie had been homeless for certainly the majority, if not his entire life. He thought living at SAINTS was great! But, what if we could offer him something even better? For the last two years Charlie has lived with Pamela, Martin, and Elon the parrot. He has been doted on and loved for every one of those days. Eventually, as a 14 year old bully breed, he needed support to help him walk outside. Hip lifters to help him stand. He went through many medication trials to find the best combination to keep him feeling his best. His weakness progressed of course, there simply is no way to keep aging at bay forever. Pamela and Martin have been struggling with the decision of when for a little while now. Charlie made his two year gotcha day, just this past Saturday. And today they let him go. Charlie was tired. It was time. But he got to experience the very best this world had to offer. Being loved by a family of your very own is something every pet should have. Who would’ve thought an old homeless dog would end up living this dream? For a dream was all it was until a team of people got involved and made it happen. You know who you are. Thank you. So sorry for your loss Pamela and Martin.