My Story

When Ariel came to us, she was just a kitten who had tested positive for FeLV.

FeLV being serious, and typically fatal, feline illness meant that Ariel needed to live in a space away from other cats. If she survived kittenhood, and was able to be spayed, she could eventually be able to live safely in one of our communal cat areas.

Based on her already compromised health at her young age, we really didn't have high hopes that Ariel would live that long. But, SAINTS being SAINTS, we wanted to make sure that her short time with us would be as fulfilling and happy for her as possible. So to ensure that she wasn't lonely, Ariel was raised in the bunny room. This way could still somewhat enjoy communal cat ways, but without being a risk to the animals around her (rabbits can't contract FeLV).

So that's how Ariel became a bunny cat! And guess who beat FeLV and tested negative for the virus multiple times in the year after her arrival? Ariel! Our sweet girl overcame seemingly unbeatable odds. We, and all of her bunny friends, could not be happier.