My Story

Boomer came to SAINTS in 2013, transferred from a rescue in Northern Canada.

The following was Carol's observation when Boomer first arrived:

“Boomer is here….Head shy, never been inside a house before. This dog
will be a runner if he gets out. He is to stay in my room for now. He is
a sweet but cautious boy. He can go out on a leash into the fenced
yard only for pee breaks. Hopefully he settles and gets the hang of home
style living pretty soon.”

Well, Boomer sure did get the hang of things. He also bonded steadfast to his dog friends at SAINTS, especially Mystic and Luna, and decided for himself that this was the life & he would be a permanent sanctuary dog. Boomer loves his fun time in the barn area & hanging out with the staff and volunteers - among whom, he's a sanctuary favourite. Everyone loves Boomer!