My Story

At long last, meet Brownie!

Lisbon (our other dove) had been wanting a friend for so long! She has been missing her brother Oslo, who left us in 2022. Since then she has tried befriending every bird that has come in, but she’s not anyone’s first choice. Tolerated and liked ok, but she doesn’t have someone special to call her own. Until now!

Brownie is 10+ years old. He has some slight neurological issues, he can fly but wobbles on landing. His beak tends to over grow and requires clipping but he looks good overall. We will get him vet checked during quarantine and then he will join the SAINTS aviary ❤️

Every animal, given the right home, could be placed in foster care or adopted. To find out if one of our animals could be a fit for you, please email to start a conversation.