My Story

Charley's journey began in an apartment complex, where he resided with his first family. Sadly, when they had to relocate and couldn't find pet-friendly accommodations, Charley was left behind.

Subsequent tenants in the unit took on the responsibility of feeding Charley. However, they too eventually moved away, leaving Charley without a family once again. While kind neighbors in the complex looked out for him, it wasn't until a compassionate stranger intervened that Charley's fortunes began to change.

Determined to secure a safe haven for Charley's well-being, this individual discovered SAINTS during their search. Since April 2018, Charley has found sanctuary with us. While he may initially be reserved around new people, Charley is a truly charming companion who thrives in the company of his feline friends and enjoys the affection lavished upon him by the caring humans at SAINTS.

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