My Story

Charlie came to SAINTS in April 2020, with his dog sibling Sparky. About a year prior to their arrival, Charlie and Sparky's Mom - Nancy, did a tour of SAINTS for a special reason. She was terminally ill and was looking for a place where she knew her babies would be cared for when she was gone. She made arrangements then, with our management team, to ensure that they could come to SAINTS when the time was right.

And so they did. Though she would of course miss them dearly, Nancy was able to have peace of mind that her boys would be looked after.

Sadly, just a couple of months later, Nancy passed away. Then five days later Sparky did as well, leaving Charlie to be a SAINT here on Earth for as long as he has left. True to our promise to Nancy, Charlie's needs are met and he's loved and cared for every day.

Charlie came to SAINTS when his owner went into care.