My Story

Meet Cleo, born in 2011, a sweet and caring cat with lots of love and cuddles to give. While she may be shy around other cats at the center, she is very affectionate with people. Cleo is diabetic and would need a home that can cater to her specific needs.

Here is her story:

A homeless camp in our area was dismantled, with the people moved along and the derelict RV and other belongings taken to the dump. A week later, one of the displaced individuals contacted authorities, stating his cat was inside the RV. The officials who went to check assumed they were looking for a deceased cat, given the RV had been at the dump for seven full days. They sifted through the packed trailer and found nothing. After 40 minutes of searching and about to give up, they uncovered the bathroom door. Inside the tiny bathroom, sitting on the closed toilet seat, was Cleo.

Not only did Cleo survive seven days with no food, no water, no heat, and no ventilation, but she is also diabetic. Now she has received treatments and Cleo looks like a brand-new cat.

Every animal, given the right home, could be placed in foster care or adopted. To find out if one of our animals could be a fit for you, please email to start a conversation.