My Story

Dumbledore came to SAINTS in 2018, along with his buddy Snape (RIP).

The two had been raised 'together' in an outdoor hutch, but were separated by a barrier and never had the chance to snuggle close together as bunnies so love to do.

When they were surrendered to SAINTS that all changed. The two lived together happily - first in their own pen in the main rabbit room, and then their very own suite in a great big space where they could roam as much as they wanted, or stick close and cuddle.

When a senior blind rabbit, Millie, came to SAINTS in 2019 they welcomed her too, and the three became inseparable. Sadly, Dumbledore lost both his pals in a very short time. But at SAINTS there's certainly no shortage of awesome bunnies, and he was introduced to Cinnabun, Spalding and Steele and all was going well. But what if Smaug wanted a friend too? What if their names (neither was named by SAINTS) wasn't just a coincidence?

Sure! That worked for Dumbledore. Because he is a friendly soul who accepts everyone.