My Story

Her selling bid at the auction was a measly $2.00. Two Dollars. And when she arrived at SAINTS she was only a few days old. Emily's beginning is a tragically sad, and all too common tale for little calves born in to the meat industry. Luckily, for Emily and for all of us who love her dearly, hers had a happy ending.

Emily grew from a tiny sick calf in to a magnificent full sized Holstein beauty. Her confidence is astounding - never afraid to loudly call out for what she wants (usually food), and never falling short of getting just exactly as much as she wanted. Humans gladly do her bidding and it's kind of nice too think that that's all Emily will ever know of humans, as it's unlikely she remembers her brief time as a baby at a meat auction (hopefully).

In addition to be a fabulous farm diva, Emily is deeply thoughtful soul. Her connection to her bonded farm pals is unshakable. Whenever we sadly lose one of our farm friends, Emily mourning is evident with deep sorrowful "moooo"s. In her later years she's also become a bit of a mother hen, often sighted preening her pals Chevy and Chewy.

Emily's favourite thing to do (other than eat) is graze in the lower field pasture at SAINTS on warm Summer days.