My Story

Fritz had been with SAINTS for years, formerly the bane of a residential area. Fritz fought with all the neighborhood cats, he sprayed on people's porches and decks and wasn't above taking swats at people whenever he had the chance. He was the proverbial badass. In order to keep the peace, Fritz had to go and so he came here.

In his younger years Fritz was a bit of a jerk but he was our jerk and that made him really special. The years have flown by and Fritz slipped into his ancient years and we loved him even more.

He had been living on borrowed time for a while and we have kept our eyes on him and daily watched how he was doing. On July 14th, 2020, it looked like he'd had a stroke.

Fritz passed very peacefully at our vets with Renee at his side. The laundry room seems so empty without him.
Rest in peace Fritz, thank you for loving us, you are one of a kind.