My Story

Hannah came to SAINTS in 2019. She'd been transferred to us by the Coquitlam Animal Control. A seemingly adoptable six month old Border Collie cross, the people at the shelter quickly realized that something was physically wrong with Hannah.

Hannah has a congenital malformation of her reproductive organs and is missing a urethra. As such, her bladder empties directly in to her vaginal area which causes a fairly consistent 'leak' of urine. That area of her body is also a bit malformed with internal tissue on the outside of her body, requiring special daily baths and ointment to stave off infection.

But... none of that gets Hannah down! She is happy happy happy, and has no idea that there is anything wrong with her. Being safe at SAINTS for the rest of her days, Hannah lives a stress free life hanging out with her best buds and lapping up attention from her human helpers.