My Story

JoJo came to SAINTS in March 2020. He's an older boy who spent his previous life as an 'outside' dog.

When he first came to SAINTS, JoJo couldn't handle being inside for very long, so he stayed in our main house computer room that has a small outdoor pen adjacent. He also had never really experienced going for walks or riding in cars, so those things were really really scare to JoJo when we first met him.

Within a couple of weeks though, JoJo realized that it was actually pretty nice to have a warm cozy bed inside on a cold March day and that whole 'indoors' thing quickly grew on him!

Next he was slowly learning how to go for a walk on a leash, and by May he even did a few successful jumps in and out of SAINTS' mini van. We're so proud of JoJo and all of the strides he's made in his time with us.

JoJo is a transfer from SARC. Sponsored by Howard and Mimie Tang, and O-G Academic Tutoring