My Story

Back in 2016 this young sheep, Mah, was surrendered by her owners. She was pregnant and about to give birth to multiple babes, and they weren't able to manage the post natal costs of veterinary care.

Safely at SAINTS, Mah gave birth to three beauties - Little (RIP), Bo (RIP), and Peep.

For a few years, Mah and her babies all got to live together here at SAINTS along with Deedee and all of the other sheep. Sadly we lost Little and Bo within a few months of each other, so only Peep and Mah remained from the original family. But, as short as their together time was, it was longer - and filled with more kindness - than many sheep get to experience.

In addition to giving birth to triplets, which is rare in the sheep world, Mah also has had major surgery to amputate her udder. She's survived that too and, through it all, has remained such a calm and lovely girl.