My Story

Rambo has a bit of a mysterious past that adds to his unique charm. At some point in his life, he suffered a broken spine which was surgically repaired, yet he bears no tattoo or microchip and retained his testicles until being transferred to SAINTS.

Previously, Rambo lived with a family, but due to serious health concerns of one family member, they were advised to find a new home for him. Despite his injury, Rambo displays a happy and friendly demeanor. He has neurological damage resulting in partial paralysis, which allows him to stand and walk but affects his ability to use a litter box. Nonetheless, he is capable of voiding on his own.

Rambo is a young cat, estimated by our vet to be under or close to a year old. Despite his challenges, he exudes sweetness and charm, winning the hearts of everyone at SAINTS. His appearance is also strikingly unique, although pictures may not capture his full beauty.

Rambo's journey is indeed unusual, but his resilience and loving nature make him a special addition to our sanctuary, where he receives the care and attention he deserves.

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