My Story

Meet Rufus.

His senior owner was hospitalized and somehow Rufus found his way into a very busy main road. Darting in and out of traffic, he was picked up by a family who with Animal Controls help, traced his ID and contacted the owner. Unfortunately the owner eventually realized he would not be leaving the hospital. The family was not in a position to keep Rufus long term. Rufus needed a permanent solution and was surrendered to SAINTS. We vetted him right away. He is 16 years old, mostly deaf, has dual ear infections and one of his eyes has significant scar tissue from an untreated ulcer at some point. On top of that he is dealing with a bad flea infestation that has left large parts of his skin incredibly itchy, hairless and very inflamed. We are awaiting test results for everything else. With the starting of ear and eye medications and some pain control, Rufus should be feeling better soon.

Welcome to SAINTS Rufus. We got you covered.