My Story

Shyla spent the first 9 years of her life on the end of a chain. She is from the Northwest Territories, and with her slight frame she is definitely not built to survive the harsh winters up there, it is a wonder she survived at all.

Shyla has poor social skills with other animals so she is looking for a home she can call all her own! She is not a fan of children either, but teenagers might be ok. Shyla is really good with adults that she knows and trusts, she listens well and is eager to please.

She can be aggressive towards strangers (as she is scared) so a new home would have to work with her slowly when introducing new people. Because of her past experiences (or lack of them), new things and places are scary to Shyla. Any potential family will need to understand she needs time to adapt.

As she has had very few positive things in her life, trust is earned over time. Shyla warms up fairly well though, and she is smart, and she can adjust, just not as quickly as another dog might.

A home with a routine and some patience to help with her insecurity is what she is looking for, but she is not a dog park or a running partner (too scary) kind of girl.

She does need a home with a yard so she can go to the bathroom if walks are too scary that day. Shyla is quite small - her photos make her look bigger than she is - she weighs in under 40lbs.

This sweet girl got a second chance at life, now all she needs is a family to share it with.

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Husky Mix Medium Female Adult Gray / Blue / Silver White / Cream Short Coat House-trained Spayed / neutered playful sweet